5 Myths You Probably Believe About CBD

By adamasco
November 15, 2022
5 Myths You Probably Believe About CBD

There is no shortage of myths surrounding CBD in the public discourse. Some of these myths vary from the most mundane to the most comical. 

Unfortunately, despite the soaring popularity of CBD, there is still so much fake news surrounding it. 

As more people are turning to natural alternatives to tackle their health issues, it is also imperative users learn about the facts of CBD for a great experience. 

Thankfully, Calm Better Days, would guide you through the CBD myths and facts, giving you a clearer perspective of the myths about CBD. 

Here are the top 5 myths about CBD and the fundamental truths you must know. 

Myth # 1 CBD Doesn’t Help With Any Medical condition: No scientific evidence to support it does

CBD bloggers constantly argue that CBD has yet to be substantiated to help with any medical conditions. 

However, the claim that CBD has not been proven to help any conditions is false. 

Even as clinical research on CBD keeps growing, and much is still to be explored about the compound’s use and benefits, studies have shown positive effects for mental ailments such as anxiety and depression. 

So the whole myth about CBD not being scientifically proven to help with any medical condition is a fallacy that gets punctured repeatedly. 

However, CBD shouldn’t be a complete replacement for medical treatments by your doctor. 

Myth #2 Hemp Oil And CBD Oil Are The Same Things

This is one of the CBD oil myths that doesn’t seem to go away. 

But what exactly are the facts? CBD oil, such as hemp oil, is derived from different plants. 

CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant’s flowers, stalks, and leaves, which are the only parts of the plant that contain cannabidiol.

Hemp oil, on the other hand, is made from hemp seeds containing no CBD. CBD oil is well-known for its mind-body calming properties. 

Hemp oil has many health benefits. But it is known primarily for reducing wrinkles and preventing breakouts.

 Therefore, it is critical to understand the distinction between CBD and hemp oil to select the appropriate oil. 

Due to the massive popularity of CBD oil such as Kiskanu Hemp CBD Facial Oil, hemp oil is occasionally marketed as CBD oil to take advantage of the trend. 

So you must ensure you read the labels carefully and check certificates of analysis (COA) before making any purchases. 

Myth #3 All CBD Products Are The Same 

There is this erroneous belief that all CBD products are the same. CBD encompasses a wide range of specific products and formulations.

CBD can be found in ingestible or edibles such as Alchemic Naturals CBD Gummies  Or(capsules, gummies, beverages), oil-based tinctures such Bloom Farm Biodynamic Organic Tincture and topical products (creams, lotions, and balms). 

Each type of CBD helps with a variety of ailments with varying degrees of success. For example. CBD creams such as lotions are excellent for relieving specific muscle or joint pain and can be directly applied to the affected areas. 

CBD oils and ingestible products like CBD gummies can help improve sleep or ease anxiety—it depends on your taste and the ailments you want to treat. 

However, whatever form of CBD you choose. It is critical you take note of the quality of the CBD.

Myth #4 CBD is Illegal 

Similarly, several people misconstrue marijuana for CBD and, as such, presume the same legal standing for both. However, hemp-derived CBD products with less than 0.3 percent THC are permitted on the federal level and in most state laws. 

Check your state laws to know the existing regulations surrounding CBD. 

Myth #5 CBD Doesn’t Work 

Finally, here is the last of our 5 myths about CBD. CBD works slightly differently for everyone, and the Dosage that works best for you may be different from someone else. 

Verify whatever you want to resolve or why you want to use CBD, then research whether Broad, Full spectrum or Isolate CBD is best for you. 

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To wrap up, always know that CBD is safe with scientifically proven therapeutic properties.

 But the CBD myth merchants aren’t stopping with the misinformation. Anyways, thanks to our myth-busters, you can enjoy CBD to achieve calm, better days. 

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