My CBD Routine

By Amy Chin
December 3, 2020
My CBD Routine

Being a mom sure is a hectic job. Juggling through the responsibilities of taking care of the home and work is a job only a superhuman could do, but it is one most of us do with grace and precision. However, we can get so caught up with looking out for others that we don’t take the time to schedule in our necessary self-care. Eventually, we find ourselves running on empty fumes.  

Most moms like myself, and I’m sure you would agree, are dealing with heightened stress levels, anxiety, pain and sometimes emotional distress on the daily. We may not realize it, but too much of these pressures are slowing leading us to depression and, worse, mental decay. Brain fog and memory lapses become the norm.

Scary right?

That was how I felt as I was first learning to cope with my postpartum depression. I started to notice my gradual decline (loss of sleep, brain fog, tightness in the chest, impatience, anger, anxiety, and heightened stress levels), and luckily found a solution – CBD. I was given CBD and after some time, I started to feel a whole lot better, less anxious and fully energized. I was finally able to face the challenges of the day and respond to life’s twists and turns instead of reacting. I was thriving instead of sinking. When I saw the drastic changes in myself, I knew I had to share it. 

Taking CBD takes experimenting, patience and learning to read what our body is telling us. It’s not uncommon in western medicine for your doctor to tell you to try 50mg of anti-anxiety meds for a bit and see how that works.  You then report back how you felt and he alters the dosage or suggests another medicine. Trying out CBD can be a lot like that when first starting out. 

We forget each person’s genetic makeup is different.  Add in lifestyle choices such as eating healthy, exercise and adequate sleep and the result is a unique dose for each person. I personally keep a journal tracker to track all the brands I’ve tried and note what dosage is great for focus and productivity vs ultimate relaxation and setting myself up for good sleep. Message me and I’ll be happy to share it with you.

On that note, find below my daily CBD routine for some inspiration on how to get started.


I start my day right with a pull from my favorite vaporizer pen. Vapes are fast acting as it gets the CBD directly into your blood stream. I need quick relief because anxiety doesn’t quit and neither do my kids. My days are crazy and I need to be able to respond to what’s being thrown at me in multiple directions. I don’t want to be that irritable, impatient yelling mom flying off the handle.  My choice of vaping in the morning is to be grounded , focused and productive.

While I have tried many vape pens, my go-to is currently the Quill Vaporizer. Not only is it super sleek and button-free making it so easy to use, but it’s also a microdosed pen. That means that I’m sure to always get 3mg of CBD with each 2 second pull, which makes controlling my dosage a breeze.

When I want to switch things up, I rely on a few drops of the Tonic Vibes OG applied sublingually. The added ashwagandha ups the ante for defeating stress and anxiety.


Come lunch time, I know I still have a full day ahead of me so I eat a Wyld Gummy edible to get through the long stretch. Gummies take thirty to sixty minutes to hit, but since I already took the tincture or vaporizer, there is enough time for the gummy to kick in. I take the gummy because edibles provide longer lasting relief, so I’ll be covered for up to eight hours, but about four to six hours for most people. If I notice I need a bit more midway through the day, I’ll pop a mint. Because these dissolve in your mouth, it acts more like a tincture and will activate in 15-20 minutes. I especially find the Lucent Botanicals Focus Mints a pure delight. These mints help activate your body’s natural ability to focus without the crash that comes from caffeine or other energy pills and drinks. I love the taste and flavor and often need to hold back from eating beyond my recommended serving.

Early Evening

My evening is never complete without some Bloom Farms NIght tincture for great sleep. This tincture has CBN, a cannabinoid that helps promote good sleep. I’m usually asleep within ten minutes and wake up feeling recharged, refreshed and ready.   Wyld Huckleberry gummies. I love them so much! I find them relaxing and a sure help for a peaceful sleep. You can never go wrong on this one. They do not give you any extra calories and are a good way to meet your daily dose of CBD.

The Wrap

As it is with all things, you will need to find your own balance with your CBD routine. If you are new to it, I would suggest you start slow and in small doses to find what works for you. 

As a working mom, there is a simple rule I adhere to when it comes to dosing: more for sleep, less for focus!

If you have questions, I would be more than happy to answer them. Schedule a time to chat during a free consultation and let’s find what works for you!

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