East Fork Water Soluble Organic CBD Tincture Drops


Add organic, water-soluble, craft hemp-derived CBD to any beverage.
Serving Size: 3 ml, 10mg CBD
Activation Time: 20 min.
*Add one serving to your beverage.

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Using sonication, we've reduced the size of the CBD particles in our CBD Drops, making them water soluble and easy to mix into your favorite beverage. This process also improves bioavailability and reduces activation time, bringing on the effects of CBD more quickly and effectively. Ingredients Organic Craft Hemp Extract, Vegetable Glycerin, Lemon Concentrate Sodium 0g Sugar 0g Carbs 4.5g Fat 0g How to Use CBD Drops came out of our desire to create an accessible CBD-rich product that could be easily enjoyed by anyone—a simple, drinkable solution. The result is a tasty blend of our broad-spectrum CBD extracts and a few other plant-derived ingredients. Add to coffee, tea, water, mocktails or take it as a shot.

Additional information

Serving Size

10 mg CBD per 3 ml


10 servings in 1 oz bottle, 48 servings in 40 oz bottle