Why Should You Try The Quill Vaporizor?

By adamasco
April 28, 2021
Why Should You Try The Quill Vaporizor?

Quill Vaporizor 750mg

Vaping is one of the most common methods of consuming CBD. The act involves the use of vape pens  burning concentrates and/or oils to give off rich CBD vapor. Vaping provides the best absorption for all cannabis consumption methods and this has led to it gaining widespread appreciation amongst a cross section of cannabis enthusiasts.

The vape pen is a portable vape device that is convenient to carry around and extremely user-friendly. Users have a choice of disposable pens or refill vape pens when making a choice of the vape device that is ideal for them.

Vape pens are a convenient option. Some of the advantages of vape pens over other traditional vaping mediums include:

  • Convenience
  • Cost
  • Simplicity
  • Reliability

The Quill Vaporizer 750mg from Calm Better Days epitomizes all of these advantages and more. It is the vaporizer pen for everyone. It’s an all-in-one recyclable pen with pre-loaded concentrates that gives off at least 200 puffs of pure extract in a single fill.

The pen is easy to use; there are no learning curve and no costly accessories.

Thinking of getting a vape pen? We have outlined a few key points to note when searching for the ideal vape pen that suits your style. 


There isn’t a single best vape pen in the market. The right vaporizer for you depends on your needs and desired experience. However, there are a few key factors that set vape pens apart from each other:

  • SIZE: Cannabis vape pens are already a convenient size and shape. They’re very portable and easy to handle. The standard size fits comfortably in your hand and can be handled similarly to a cigarette. It’s a little shorter and wider than a typical pen. 


For most people the standard size is fine. However, if you’re looking for more discrete vaping or something that is even more convenient to carry around, smaller sizes are available. The Quill Vaporizer 750mg from Calm Better Days, for instance, is one of the lightest and slimmest disposables on the market and can be concealed and consumed easily on the go.


  1. COIL: The type of coil is another important consideration. Most noticeably, this will affect the flavor of the vapor. The three main types of vape coil are ceramic, quartz, and wick. The best option for this is ceramic coils. These use indirect heating for purer taste and no burnt flavor.


  1. Vape Oil: There are a wide variety of vape oils with different uses and benefits. So it’s important to check what substance is in a prefilled vape pen before purchasing. The most common distinctions for cannabis vapes are CBD vs THC.


A THC vape pen has a high concentration of Tetrahydrocannabinol. This psychoactive ingredient makes it popular for recreational use. However, it does have some medicinal uses, including pain management, epilepsy, and asthma treatments. CBD vape pens, however, do not possess the psychoactive ingredient. Instead, it has Cannabidiol, which is often used for its anti-inflammatory properties.


Many vape pens use both THC and CBD for a fuller profile of effects. Examples include the Quill Vaporizer 750mg refillable vape pen from Calm Better Days that allows you to use any concentrate of your choice irrespective of if it is THC or CBD or full spectrum concentrates containing both substances.


  1. Disposal or Refill: The common distinction that exist between vape pens are if they are disposable (single use pens) or refill pens. Disposable pens are those that are filled, charged and sealed by the manufacturer for sale to individuals seeking a hit.


The pens would usually contain concentrates enough for one cycle and they are not refillable. Unlike refillable vape devices which can be reused several times and through several hits. 


Depending on your desire or needs, a disposable vape device might be the best choice for you. They are cheap, easy to use and straight puff from the shelf. If money isn’t a problem, a refillable device would make the best option for individuals seeking a longer serving device.



In choosing your vape pen, you should consider a high-quality vape. Better quality vapes offer better flavor, more consistency, and a battery that outlasts the substance. You don’t want to run out of battery before your pen runs out of oil, that’s why you should always choose the Quill Vaporizor 750mg.

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