7 Positive self-talks for Moms: Make it a Daily Routine

By Amy Chin
September 26, 2022

Maintaining a sound and optimistic mind is a difficult task, especially for moms who have to deal with handling family alongside a career or business. But, it doesn’t always have to be a hard and sad road for you or any other New York mom. 

In today’s world, with so many stressful routines and situations, it’s highly helpful to try some strong positive affirmations for mom. It helped me a great deal, alongside some high-quality CBD for moms

I’ve made a collection of the best seven strong mom affirmations that worked for me, and I’d like to share them with you today.

Best 7 Positive Affirmations for Moms

Hey mama, there’s a waiting list of beautiful words you can tell yourself and affirmations that can help make you whole, and here are 7 of them.

  1. I matter

Years of taking care of your home might have affected your beliefs. Leading you to think that your opinions or how you feel don’t count or matter. But, hell, you do! 

You matter, mama, your thoughts, beliefs, and opinion. All of you matter. Part of properly functioning without being left out is understanding your matter.  Do never forget that. Even if you don’t hear it often from your spouse or children, tell yourself now and then that you matter. 

  1. My health is important 

Your health is equally important to mommy. So while you must constantly remind yourself of that, you also have to do something about it, and there’s a wide strain of CBD-infused topical oil, lotion, and tea specially designed for you. They can help you relieve stress, take care of emotional imbalances and help your skin look healthier.  

Mama, you should see that you do everything in your power to stay healthy for your kids and spouse but, most importantly, for yourself. Because your health is outrightly important, and we don’t like to see you sick.

  1. It’s okay to be Human

We get to make important household decisions as moms, and this has led us to think we have to be perfect always. But that is far from the truth as we were first humans before we were moms. So it’s fine to do what all humans do. Make mistakes! While this might not be an open call to make all sorts of mistakes. It’s rather a confirmation that you don’t have to be 100% at all times. 

And it’s amazing how worked up we can get over thinking that you should be perfect. Be human too. Relieve all that stress and tell yourself it’s okay to be human.

  1. I Accept Available Help

Hey mama! Rather than struggle with tasks or personal issues alone, use the help available. Motherhood doesn’t have to be a lonely road. Also, accepting help from friends and family doesn’t make you weak. It just makes you a human. A strong one is because you know when to be getting your hands dirty and when to delegate tasks. This greatly improves your efficiency and helps narrow down your focus.  And help doesn’t always have to be heavy lifting; it could be as simple as talking to someone when you feel down or as applied as using a CBD-infused product that helps you calm the nerves and deal with stress.

  1. Tomorrow Will Be Better 

The fact that today wasn’t good enough or abruptly a bad day doesn’t mean every day would be like that. Even if you had to scream at your child or get worked up about many things today doesn’t mean you’d have to deal with that tomorrow. Be optimistic, mama! Remind yourself of good times and say that tomorrow will be better.

  1. I deserve “me” time

Moms should get “me” time, especially after dealing with everything the New York life throws at you while having a family. Mama, you deserve “me” time, and I don’t just mean sleeping and taking and taking rests. While that’s a nice way to do it, there’s a nicer way to go about it, and that includes taking the right CBD-infused product, which you can let us recommend to you.  

  1. I am beautiful

One of the most amazing, heartwarming things to say to yourself is that you are beautiful, and believe me, you are. Your kids brag about you and see you as a model, and your spouse believes themselves lucky to have you, but you also need to see for yourself that you’re beautiful. So say this with me, mama: I’m beautiful!