CBD Oil for Women’s Sex Drive – Kiskanu Intimacy Oil 1 oz.

By Amy Chin
February 7, 2022
Kiskanu Intimacy Oil 1 oz.

CBD oil for women’s sex drive: Mia (not the actual name), a mother of three, really felt like a failure when she no longer satisfies her husband in bed. She had to juggle a lot of things throughout the day and when it’s time to get cozy under the sheet, she often suffers from poor libido and low sex drive. Well, the story is different now since the day she started using the natural therapy – CBD Oil – before having a romantic moment with her lover.

At Calm Better Days, we’ve helped a lot of women who experienced poor lubrication, libido, and sensitivity regain their happiness, especially under the sheets. And here’s the best CBD oil for sex we recommend – Kiskanu Intimacy Oil 1 oz.

Studies have shown that women experience lowered sex drive and poor libido as a result of several factors, including stress, depression, anxiety, and many other psychological and emotional conditions.

Little wonder, research showed an uptick in women exploring cannabinoid therapies during the COVID-19 lockdown.

So when you notice your sex drive is nose-diving, it may be due to constant stress. And the good part is that you don’t necessarily have to subscribe to using chemotherapeutic drugs. Instead, you can join the thousands of women who are now enjoying natural remedies like CBD oil for women’s sex drive

CBD oil for sex drive: Does it work?

I will quickly tell you about a lady’s experience with CBD, but so you don’t get to mention her name in your gist, I will keep her anonymous.

This woman had her IUD removed, and since then her sex life became horrible with pains. Instead of deriving pleasure, she suffers pain with cramps during sex. So after lots of research, she decided to try a lubricant infused with CBD oil and it worked like magic – She noticed immediate improvement.

She said in an interview, “CBD oil helped reduce the pain and inflammation I used to suffer during sex with my husband. In fact, he noticed I no longer complain about pain during intercourse, and it has helped rebuild our already-dying emotional bond.”

Although CBD is relatively new to the mainstream market, it has now made its way into the bedroom. You can now find CBD oil for sex in a variety of products aimed at improving your sex life. These products include personal lubricants, oral sprays, and massage lotions, among others.

One CBD Intimacy oil that has been widely used for lubrication and increased sex drive among women is Kiskanu Intimacy Oil 1 oz. -This product is also effective for menopausal discomfort, vaginal dryness, and dry skin.

How does CBD work for sex drive?

There are many endocannabinoid receptors in the reproductive tissue and organs. Taking CBD has been shown by research to increase blood flow to tissues, and this increases sensitivity and promotes the body’s natural lubrication.

Also, CBD helps foster relaxation for sex. And women with muscle spasms and joint subluxations have reported relaxed muscles and enjoyable sex after taking lubricants infused with cannabidiol. This hemp-derived CBD allows you to focus more on the intimacy of the act instead of the muscle spasms.

Interestingly, a recent survey of 5,398 Americans showed that 9.3 percent of respondents have tried CBD for sex and the majority of them reported that their orgasms were more intense after taking this cannabidiol.

What more?

CBD is effective at reducing stress and anxiety, and it helps to put you in the mood for romance. As it relaxes your whole body, you enjoy reduced distractions and worries, which are known to hinder a positive sexual experience.

CBD also helps to boost your mood by enhancing a neurotransmitter called “anandamide”- This is our bliss neurotransmitter that is linked with oxytocin (also called the “cuddle hormone”).

As CBD boosts these natural neurotransmitters and endorphins that we make in our bodies, it ultimately leads to a better sexual experience.

Also, using CBD-infused Oil like Kiskanu Intimacy Oil 1 oz. before sex helps to ease pain experienced during intercourse. I don’t know about you but sometimes as a woman, when you anticipate pain during sex, your vaginal muscles tighten and this makes penetration challenging. Also, you can suffer pain due to vaginal dryness.

CBD oil for sex drive, however, is full of calming and anti-inflammatory properties that help promote relaxation in those muscles.

How to get the best out of CBD Oil for sex

You need to keep some tips in mind if you want to get the best out of CBD oil for sex drive. These include:

Use Quality CBD products

Since the 2018 Farm Bill was passed which legalized the growing of hemp and the use of hemp-derived products, there has been a massive influx of products believed to contain hemp-derived CBD in the market, including products meant for improved sex drive.

Unfortunately, many poor-quality products and untrusted brands are out there in the market, and some are quite shady in their product makeup.

Hence, to get the best, ensure you choose established brands with lab results being transparent about every ingredient in what you’re using on your body.

At Calm Better days, we ensure that all our products come with third-party lab testing results to back the product claims. We also evaluate the result to check compliance with our standards before approving them for sale to you.

More so, we only work with products that come from farms that have passed testing for the absence of pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxins in the soil and groundwater.

One product we’ve tested and tried to be very effective is the Kiskanu Intimacy Oil 1 oz. You can generously apply as many pumps of this oil as you desire. It is made from sun-grown hemp CBD and it helps to enhance sensation, increase blood flow, relax muscle spasms, and reduce inflammation.

This oil is a great way to enjoy deep and connected romance with your partner. You can also use it for menopausal discomfort and dry skin.

Use it before sex

Do not wait till you’re in the act before using CBD oil for sex. CBD might need some time to get attached to the cannabinoid receptors and produce an effect. So, you may not feel its effects immediately.

So this is what to do: Use products like our Kiskanu Intimacy Oil 1 oz. about 60 minutes before sexual activity to allow it enough time to work.

Use the right dose

Too much or too little CBD might not produce the desired result that you long for. So much is ideal. You should start low and go slow.

You should try small amounts for a couple of days. If you get the benefits, you should keep going until you arrive at your best dose. But if you feel worse when you add more, you should go back to using the previous dose.

Final Remark

As a woman, you can truly enjoy the benefits of CBD oil for sex drive. CBD helps to promote the flow of blood to your genitals and encourages libido and arousal for a more satisfying experience.

More so, CBD helps reduce stress, anxiety, and pain, all of which could affect your sex drive negatively.

Here’s one of the best CBD oil for sex drive you should always keep close if you plan to get cozy with your lover during bedtime – Kiskanu Intimacy Oil 1 oz. Remember to use it 30-60 minutes before you get into bed. Get this product to restore your drive and enjoy cloud 9 with your partner.