Combining Yoga and CBD: Are There Any Benefits?

By Amy Chin
May 16, 2022

A lot of people, including New Yorkers have discovered the transformative power of yoga. But many people are beginning to combine yoga and CBD (cannabidiol) for several benefits. That’s what we shall be discussing in this article.

If you take yoga classes or practice it all alone, you would have observed that yoga is beyond just a physical activity. It is also spiritual, helping you to connect with your body again.

Undoubtedly, there’s stress everywhere, and as a mom, it can be draining and exhausting juggling a lot of things together. But unfortunately, most of us do not have a choice. We suffer stress from managing our tight finances, working long hours, having a packed schedule, and trying to balance work-family life.

The ugly truth is that stress degrades your productivity, your mood, sleep patterns, and even your health.  So people have been looking for effective practices to promote calm and promote connectedness.

Yoga has been proven for many decades now to be effective to restore order to the mind. But how does combining yoga and CBD benefit you? Relax, Calm Better Days has got you covered on this!

Are There Similarities Between Yoga and CBD?

The use of cannabis and yoga is not a recent discovery; it dates back to thousands of years. This combination is only gaining much attention lately following the legalization of CBD in most countries.

Yoga has been shown by several researchers to offer several benefits, including:

  •         It increases flexibility
  •         It improves energy and respiration
  •         It increases strength and muscle tone
  •         It boosts a feeling of calm and connectedness
  •         It slows cellular aging (thought to be caused by chronic inflammation)
  •         It reduces stress and improves brain function
  •         It helps reduce the perception of pain

Most of these benefits mirror those of CBD, as it has also been shown to help reduce stress, relieve pain, slow cellular aging, boost brain function, support a feeling of calm, and many more.

Combining Yoga and CBD: Why Does It Work?

CBD supports yoga practice because it interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to restore homeostasis or balance. This way, CBD offers antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits which help support overall wellbeing. 

Now, let’s move on to discuss what you stand to gain from taking CBD alongside yoga practice.

Benefits of Combining CBD and Yoga

Most yogis will tell you they practice yoga to combat the daily pressures of everyday life. This practice helps reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. CBD users will almost tell you something similar – to relieve pain, promote a sense of calm, and restore balance.

Now, here are the benefits you stand to gain using CBD with yoga:

It boosts your body-mind connection

As mentioned earlier, CBD interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system to regulate mood, stress, dream states, and more. So taking CBD helps to boost the benefits that you get from yoga. It helps you achieve an improved body-mind connection.

It puts you in a meditative state

Many people find it hard to pause and maintain a meditative state without being distracted by several internal and external factors. Yoga makes this possible as meditation is the core of this practice.

Taking CBD before your yoga session can help calm your racing thoughts and prepare you to get into a meditative state.

So if you suffer anxiety and depression, combining CBD and yoga is a good idea to enjoy that calm you long for at the end of the day.

It supports faster recovery

Although yoga is designed to promote relaxation, it is some piece of work. So, taking CBD after your yoga class is a good way to ease tightness and promote a good night’s sleep which is essential for muscle recovery.

It helps put you into practice faster

Some people do not easily get into the right headspace during a yoga session. Taking CBD helps ease this process as it relieves every form of stress and helps you get yoga-ready faster.

Getting It Right

CBD works well with different yoga types and supports the practice to give you improved overall benefits. However, CBD works better for gentler, restorative styles of yoga as it reduces pain, boosts, mood, and improves vitality.

To get the best result, it is advisable that you take CBD before your yoga session. You can consume CBD 15 to 40 minutes before. Then, you can proceed to meditation and focus on your breathing as CBD takes effect.

Some good yoga poses to try with CBD include:

  •         Savasana (corpse pose)
  •         Marjaryasana (Cat-Cow)
  •         Balasana (Child’s Pose)
  •         Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Dog)

Calm Better Days offers a collection of high-quality CBD oil that you can combine with your yoga practice to enjoy your calm, better days. So, if you’re looking to buy CBD online in New York, we offer the best collection of high-quality products you can add to your routine. If you’re not sure of the right product to combine with CBD, you can book a consultation and we’ll guide you to get the best option that would suit your needs. 

Have you tried combining yoga and CBD before now? You can let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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