Calm Better Days- Our Monthly Give Back
Scheme- Broccoli or Floret Coalition

At Calm Better Days we believe in empowering you to be your best self-health advocate thru CBD/Cannabis. And are grateful for the success that we have found and the chance we have been given and for this reason, we believe in giving back to the same community that gave us these opportunities
within the cannabis space.

Social Equity

The cannabis culture was originally developed through the culture of Latinx, Black, and Indigenous people, yet they have been disproportionately policed and punished for participating and supporting it. In fact, the misguided war on drugs created the deepest scars within these communities.

However, the truth is that we can’t undo the past, but we can work together as one force to ensure a fair and equitable future. And that’s why Calm Better Days have decided to donate every month to different non-profit through the Floret Coalition. Even as a small business, we recognize how much impact we can create with our little financial resources, and that’s what we achieve under the Floret Coalition.

Broccoli’s Floret Coalition is an anti-racist group of small businesses in the cannabis-related industry that is focused on supporting and funding equity-oriented actions. This body offers monthly donations and social campaigns for organizations prioritizing the needs of the Latinx, Black, and Indigenous communities. To date, Broccoli’s Floret Coalition has donated over $60,000 to partnered organizations.

Leaf411: we believe that everyone should have an equal chance to medical help at any time which is why we have partnered with Leaf411 and their nurses to help make sure everyone has access to answers to their canna-related medical questions free of charge day or night.

Presto Dr: Everyone needs a quick and affordable way to access needed help no matter who they are, which is why we have partnered with Presto Dr so that anyone can have a quick and affordable way to receive the help they need.

Conscious Consumerism

At Calm Better Days, we are passionate about Conscious consumerism and your ability to improve your community through a curated selection of products. That’s why we choose to support BIPOC and women-owned brands and organizations. Along with small sustainable and regenerative farming brands. Through selecting, brands focused on these principles we truly are able to support what we believe in.

With our selected partnerships and endorsed events, we hope to highlight underrepresented groups and provide a voice that highlights groups that have been ignored or misrepresented, the following brands are some of the amazing curated brands we keep here at Calm Better Days.

MyJane: A woman-owned and conscious brand focused on Woman’s wellness.

Bloom Farms: A sustainably grown and conscious brand that truly believes the “you are what you eat” mantra.

We are Grateful!

“Calm Better Days” is one of the best suppliers of the highest-quality CBD products in the market. We only offer you products that we’ve used and confirmed to be very effective in managing stress, anxiety, and improving overall wellness. 

But we don’t stop there, we also give back to the world through our monthly donations and social campaigns to support organizations that fight anti-racism and use holistic approaches to improve the health and wellbeing of society. 

We are thankful for every customer we have and believe that improving the community that gave you the opportunities you have is important and we embody with through our active partnerships and donations with groups like Broccoli’s Floret Coalition the body that manages a host of small businesses that support equity-oriented actions We offer our hands to the Latinx, Black, and indigenous communities harmed by the war on drugs in a transparent and thoughtful way and want to always keep an open dialogue and improve our space whenever possible.