How to Safely Consume Edibles

By Amy Chin
August 24, 2022

Consumption of cannabis has been quite progressive. Today, you’d find wide varieties of cannabis-infused foods like the fruit-infused CBD edibles or the Wyld hemp gummies. 

However, there’s now a variant of cannabis-infused food everywhere you look – that’s the problem! 

Though these edibles are consumed for their medicinal or recreational benefits, you will sacrifice good health if you hop on and off any edibles just as they surface the market. 

Consuming edibles has its benefits. But safety isn’t always guaranteed. So, we’ve created a guide that helps you stay on the shores of your health and safety whenever you consume edibles.

Pick the Right Edible for Your Health

Smoking joints, puffing on a pen, or taking a capsule are all fantastic ways to ingest cannabis. Interestingly, edibles are a better way to go about it. 

But, you must know to pick suitable edibles. It’s not an easy choice, especially since most edibles come in unique flavors and offer health benefits like stress relief and treatment for insomnia and anxiety.

Picking the right CBD product is more than finding good CBD-infused foods or CBD gummies for beginners. It entails understanding your health and how your body might react to edibles.

It is easy to search for edibles on Google. If you try it now, more than 200 edibles will stare right back at you. But, which of them would be genuinely harmless or suitable for you? 

If your health is a priority, you must focus on minute details. But that’s a nightmare as you don’t know the red flags you should be haunting for before choosing an edible. So, get a free consultation instead.

In any of our free 30 min consultations, we review the following:

  • How CBD works in your body
  • Different types of CBD: Full, Broad, vs. Isolate
  • Various methods of delivery: Tinctures, Vaporizers, Edibles, and Topicals
  • Finding your dosage
  • Create a custom-tailored regimen based on your needs and lifestyle

Don’t Rush It!

Consumption of edibles should be a journey of exploration and self-discovery. There’s no way you can tell your limits until you try. But that’s not an invitation for you to rush it. 

To think of it, there’s absolutely no reason to rush. You’ve got a lifetime ahead of you. 

Even if you go for a mild edible variant like the Wyld lemon 500mg CBD edible gummies, it’s still not ideal for rushing. 

Start small and one pill per time and see how your body reacts before you up your dosage. 

Even as a CBD expert, everything iterated in the consultation is almost theoretical and from the experience of others. 

There’s no guarantee exactly how your body would react to ingesting wyld hemp gummies. It’s a journey of self-discovery, a fantastic ride, but you must take it one step at a time.

The body digests edibles. As such, it takes a while for the effect to kick in. 

Before you take another dose, you must wait for at least 2 hours. It doesn’t always take two hours to work with everybody. 

It varies on factors like how much food you’ve eaten prior, your size, and the rate of metabolism in your body. Waiting 2 hours is the safest bet. 

Food Before Wyld Hemp Gummies

Edibles react quicker if you are without food. But, it’s detrimental to your health if you do that. 

In a study, most consumers of edibles with severe stomach ache confirmed that they took the edible on empty stomachs. 

For your good, avoid consuming edibles on an empty stomach. Besides, taking food before ingesting CBD allows the edible to work better. 

If you want quick absorption of your CBD or edibles, opt for high-fat foods, as they can increase oral absorption of edibles into the body.

Buy Quality Edibles

If it’s your first time purchasing CBD gummies online in NY, then there’s a chance you might end up with subpar edibles. It doesn’t sound fair, but it repeatedly happens, especially if you buy your edibles online. You can avoid that by choosing to purchase your CBD edibles from reputable online stores.

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