Importance of Consultation in getting the right CBD product for you

By Amy Chin
March 14, 2022

Importance of Consultation in getting the right CBD product for you

I have met quite a number of people who get stuck in choosing the most suitable CBD product for their particular condition, be it anxiety, depression, poor sleep, pain, or others. Many people naively choose CBD topicals when they should use tinctures, and some end up saying, “that stuff never works!”

Selecting the right product for you goes beyond just searching online and reading blogs on CBD. You can easily find CBD oil for sale in stores and brands with products having different strengths, compositions, sources, methods of administration, and more.

However, the question is, “how do you find just the right CBD oil for sale online to meet your specific need?” Do you need to start with tinctures, topicals, oils, or gummies? And what dosage is good for your condition? This can be tough to determine on your own, especially as a beginner. That’s where the Importance of Consultation comes in.

“Calm Better Days” has made it possible for you to Schedule a virtual one-on-one CBD Consultation with one of our CBD experts. These are not just people who read about CBD alone but active users who have used CBD to enjoy calm better days.

What do I gain from booking a consultation for my CBD needs?

It is no longer news that the CBD market is flooded with thousands of products that serve different purposes. It is practically hard to avoid CBD’s encroachment on every beauty, wellness, and health store.

Hence, selecting an effective CBD  from a reputable brand can be quite confusing. We have observed the stress people, especially New Yorkers, go through when searching for the right product. And our one-on-one consultation service is just a timely solution to save you stress.

We review the following in our 30-minute meeting:

  •         What CBD is and how it works
  •         The different types – Full spectrum, Broad spectrum, and Isolate
  •         The different delivery methods include Topicals, tinctures, edibles, and vaporizers.
  •         How to find your dosage
  •         Create a customized CBD regimen based on your needs

So it’s beyond just selling you the best CBD product from top brands in the industry. Calm Better Days wants to learn about your condition, what you’ve been using, your choice of administration, and more. 

We take your needs and preferences as a useful guide in recommending the most suitable product.

So in 30 minutes, you get a chance to ask questions about those terminologies or descriptions that are confusing to you.

Which health conditions does the consultation cover?

Actually, we do not have a selected list of conditions we cover in our consultation services.  Our CBD Expert shows you the best online CBD oil for a wide range of conditions, including:

  •         Anxiety
  •         Depression
  •         Fibromyalgia
  •         Chronic pain
  •         Arthritis
  •         Menstrual symptoms
  •         Psoriasis
  •         Seizures
  •         PTSD

The list is endless. And interestingly, there are CBD products targeted to help resolve or manage these issues. These are all points of discussion during the consultation services.

If you’re looking to buy CBD hemp oil in New York, you can schedule your free consultation now.

What are the interesting benefits of booking a consultation with Calm Better Days?

You get to enjoy the following benefits with our free consultation services, including:

  •         You get to pick a time that works for you
  •         We take you through the basics of CBD to help you understand and maximize your result
  •         We show you product options that are most suitable for your symptoms
  •         We assist you in finding the right dosage for your needs
  •         We stick with you through the journey until you find your calm better days

What about our “At-Home Personal Pop-Ups?”

You can host a CBD At-home personal Pop-up with your friends and family and any other person you also wish to have Calm Better Days. You get to choose your date, and our consultant creates an appointment with you, taking you through the details step by step.

On the day of your personal Pop-up, we take you through the rudiments of CBD, how it works, the different types available, how they can be used, and a lot more. We also teach you how to incorporate CBD into your wellness routine to maintain a balance in your physical and mental health. You also learn about several highly curated sample products and understand how they work.

As a host, the interesting part is that you get a reward, a special discount of 25% off your purchase.

Closing Remark

Do not underestimate the power of consulting a CBD expert in your bid to enjoy the beneficial properties of this hemp-derived cannabinoid.

You cannot fully explore the products in the market; it’s overwhelming. So having someone holding your hands and walking you through the best CBD options based on your needs and preference isn’t bad.

Schedule your free consultation with our CBD expert today, and you’ll just one step closer to your Calm, Better Days!

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