Benefits of Full Spectrum CBD in Skincare

By Amy Chin
August 3, 2022

The use of CBD in skincare didn’t just surface, and with many pronounced benefits, more people are hopping on the CBD bandwagon. 

But, CBD isn’t just CBD, as there are about three types, each having tailored benefits based on its component.

An example is the full-spectrum CBD, a genuine mix of cannabidiol, terpene, and other found components in cannabis plants. The other types include the CBD isolate and the broad spectrum CBD. 

However, in this article, we’d focus on the benefits of full-spectrum CBD in skincare, why they are the best choice, and how to choose the best CBD beauty products for the skin. 

Let’s start with a proper definition.

What is a Full Spectrum CBD?

The defining factor of a full-spectrum CBD is that it contains various cannabis plant compounds. Terpenes are a standing example of these compounds, alongside essential oils and other measures of cannabinoids.

Most people choose the full spectrum of CBD for its positive health benefits, which include improvement in focus and energy levels, as well as relief from pain and anxiety. Full-spectrum CBD products from reputable stores such  as Calm Better Days, have less than 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
THC is the common cannabinoid in the cannabis plant that gives the feeling of ‘high.’ But since its presence in full spectrum CBD is low, it’s also negligible and without the intoxicating effect. 

Instead, its presence in CBD cream or topical products might help you stay relaxed.

Benefits of having Full Spectrum CBDs in your Skincare Routine

The full spectrum CBD cream offers more potency than any other spectrum or type of CBD. We can attribute this to the fact that –full spectrum CBD contains all compounds of the cannabis plant. Meaning any CBD spectrums with a mix of compounds are more effective than a one-compound spectrum.

For your skin, full spectrum CBD display these benefits;

Improves Sleep and Relaxes Your skin

It’s a digital age, and we practically live in a world that never sleeps. So, it is hard to get sleep sometimes, depending on your day-to-day work schedule.

Adding the best CBD topical cream to your routine might be the answer to your sleep and skin problem, and the Launchbox Alchemy hemp gummies is a good product to try.

Helps Relieves Pain

Pain is almost an inevitable part of our lives. Yeah, we feel it at some point in time, and this may negatively contribute to how our skin looks. The full spectrum of CBD gummies are a notable pain reliever.

Reduces Anxiety 

Anxiety is notorious for symptoms like restlessness. It generally affects your mind and then your body. But full spectrum CBD can help you fix and restore serenity in the body. 

You may also check our other high-quality gummies that offer several health benefits without any risk or deadly long-term effects.

How to Choose the Right Full Spectrum CBD Skin Care Products

Many get it all wrong when choosing the right full-spectrum CBD skin care product. You must know what to look for. It’s unavoidable, especially if you want positive results from using CBD.

Since CBD products are not fully regulated, the market is flooded with subpar CBD products and mislabelled CBD-infused skincare products. 

But, here’s how you can pick right:

Check for third-party Testing 

At Calm Better Days, we aim to help every person in NY city enjoy the natural properties of CBD and improve their overall wellness. 

This suggests that we only choose to work with farms that cultivate top-quality hemp plants. 

And one of the ways we do that is by ensuring that the products we endorse are third-party lab tested for quality and efficiency.

Consult an Expert

Chances that you can select the right full CBD spectrum CBD is already slim. But, the odds are stacked against you if you are new to CBD and don’t know how to navigate market-available products.
You can beat the odds using expert knowledge; Ours is available to you round the clock. Book an appointment to get good guidance on selecting the right full-spectrum CBD for your health.

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