Can CBD help with Your Mood Swings as a Mom?

By Amy Chin
April 11, 2022

Do you suffer constant mood swings to a level that affects your relationship with your kids, husbands, and friends? You’re not alone. Many women in New York suffer mood swings, including me at some point, but not anymore. Yes, I got a natural solution – CBD.

You might have heard about CBD for women’s wellness, and you’ve probably wondered, “Would this substance get me out of this incessant mood swing I barely have control over?” We’ve got you covered.

Calm Better Days was created to help every New Yorker relax and feel good through the natural properties of CBD – one of the most abundant cannabinoids in the hemp plant (legally approved by the 2018 Farm Bill).

I have taken enough of my time to research this buzziest ingredient today and I will only tell you nothing but the truth based on scientific findings and personal experience.

What Causes Mood Swings in the First Place?

Several factors, including physiology and lifestyle choices, can cause mood swings in women.  The most common causes include:

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

PMS is a group of symptoms that shows up 1-2 weeks before your period. It often causes mood swings, depression, changes in appetite, fatigue, bloating, and more. Research has shown that these symptoms follow a shift in the hormone estrogen in the days and weeks before a period.


Women, no doubt, go through a lot of stress balancing family life, work, and career. Every female New Yorker deserves daily accolades truly. But unfortunately, stress impacts your body in a number of unhealthy ways, and mood swing is one of the effects.


As you move through different stages in pregnancy, there are constant changes in hormone levels, and this affects emotions and mood.

I suffered constant mood swings when I realized how different I looked physically during pregnancy with my second daughter. I didn’t like that look…horrible!


Young girls can suffer mood swings as they go through puberty – a period of physical, emotional, and psychological changes in a child’s life.


Menopause is another transition phase that we would all embrace as females. But as you go into this stage, you tend to suffer sporadic mood swings. As your estrogen level drops, you start experiencing a variety of symptoms, including insomnia, hot flashes, reduced sex drive, and more commonly, changes in mood.

Other factors like premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), psychiatric issues, and hormonal imbalance can also trigger mood swings in women.

So you need to check yourself, one of the above-listed factors might be the cause of your mood swings.

But let’s not dwell too long on the problem. How do we deal with mood swings? Well, many medical interventions are available to deal with symptoms of mood swings. But wouldn’t you prefer a natural alternative that would help you achieve a balanced mood without any unforeseen long-term side effects?

Yeah, let’s talk about this natural solution making a lot of waves lately, CBD.

Does CBD Work for Mood Swings?

I’ve actually used CBD oil to ease my stress, calm my anxiety, and balance abrupt changes in mood.  Many women are also taking advantage of the benefits of this natural hemp-derived substance.

So, if I want to keep it simple, I will say, a big “YES” CBD actually works for mood swings.

How Does CBD Help with Mood Swings?

As a cannabinoid, CBD binds to the cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) of your endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system regulates several functions in the body that keeps it going.

CBD works with the ECS to stabilize, regulate, and improve mood swings.

Basically, studies have shown that CBD helps regulate mood by:

  • Improving your brain’s response to serotonin – the hormone responsible for stabilizing mood.
  • Calming your nerves and alleviating your anxiety symptoms
  • Improving your sleep quality

All of these functions are linked together to help you enjoy your calm, better days, and CBD has been really helpful.

What CBD Type Works Best for Mood Swings?

No particular CBD type is best. It all depends on your personal preference. However, I will share a few tips.

CBD tinctures work quite faster as they produce results within 30 minutes of dropping a few drops under your tongue.

If you love to take capsules, CBD capsules may be a good choice. But they may take longer to produce effects as they need to be dissolved in the stomach before moving into the bloodstream.

CBD gummies are good if you love to take delicious treats. You can try our delta-8 gummies for anxiety. 

So, it all depends on what works best for you.

Is CBD the All-in-all Solution for Mood Swings?

Please note, that CBD is not an approved medication for mood swings. Instead, a natural alternative that works with your body’s ECS to create a balance in your mood and energy levels, as well as improve your overall well-being. However, you should discuss with your doctor if you’re already on therapy or medication.

Calm Better Days has researched a list of the best products that work for mood swings. Check out our collection if you’re looking to buy CBD oil online in NY.

Also, If you need help in choosing the best product for your needs, you can talk to one of our certified experts.  

Do not let mood swings get the best of you. You deserve the benefits of CBD for a calm, balanced mood.

You may leave a comment below to share your experience with mood swings.

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