CBD and My Day

By adamasco
May 10, 2021
CBD and My Day

Being a mom is a sure hectic job. Juggling through the responsibilities of taking care of the home and work is a job only for a superhuman but one; most of us do with grace and precision. However, we can get so caught with looking out for others that we forget about ourselves and eventually, the pressure starts to break us.

Most moms like myself and I’m sure you would agree are dealing daily with heightened stress levels, anxiety, pain and sometimes emotional distress. We may not realize it but too much of these pressures are slowing leading us to depression and worse, mental disability.

Scary right?

It was the same way I felt when it was first brought to my notice. And funny, it was the darling husband that noticed my gradual decline (loss of sleep, and appetite, anxiety, heightened stress levels), and suggested a solution – CBD.

An unlikely one though, but something that have worked so well for me that I thought to share with all women who might be going through some of the phases I have had to deal with.

CBD – I was given CBD and after sometime, I started to feel much better, less anxious and fully energized.

Since I first started to use CBD, I have gone through the phases of finding what works for me, in what dosage and how to use it for the best effect. You should try it too. I am certain you will find CBD very effective in helping to deal with all of the problems we’ve talked about earlier. 

Find below my daily CBD routine for some inspiration on how to get started.


I start my day right with a puff from my favorite vaporizer pen. Vapes are fast acting as it gets the CBD directly into your body system. My choice of vaping in the morning is to get my juices up and ready to go. 

CBD early in the morning hits different. It gets you prepped up to face the hustles and demands of the day. For me, because I have to deal with the kids, get them ready to school and a push for work, I need to stay alert, and energized to get through all of these responsibilities without breaking down under the pressure.

When I can’t use the vaporizer pen, I rely on a few drops of the Endoca tincture applied sublingually. A few drops are enough to get me feeling good and ready to face the day.


As I get on with the day and as the pressure kicks even harder, I snack on some of my favorite CBD edible. I especially find the Tonic Zen dog a pure delight. This box of CBD hard biscuit does not only get my mouth working, but it is also very filling. I’m so in love with the taste and flavor, and would often always need to summon uncommon courage to not go beyond my recommended serving.

If I just want to work my mouth and stay alert, I toss in a few strips of CBD chewing gum. This way I don’t have to worry about gaining some calories while I am getting fired up.

The beauty of snacking this way is that the effects aren’t instantaneous and would not interfere with your normal day routine. The effect is slow acting and would often last very long. This way, you can be you, staying smart, energized and alert.

The edible would usually see me through the day till night time.


Early Evening

My evening is never complete without munching on some Wyld Gummies with such delicious flavors I can’t get enough. I love them so much! I find them relaxing and a sure help for a peaceful sleep. You can never go wrong on this one. They do not give you any extra calories and are a good way to meet your daily dose of CBD.


The Wrap

As it is with all things, you would need to find a balance with your CBD routine. If you are new to it, I would suggest you start slow and in small doses to find what works for you. 

As a working mom, there is a simple rule I adhere to; More for Sleep, Less for Focus!

If you have questions, I would be more than happy to answer them. Shoot me a mail and let’s get talking.



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