CBD and the ZEN life

By Amy Chin
June 19, 2021
Calm Better Days

CBD and the ZEN life

In today’s world of stress and chaos, ensuring that your mind and body is in a good place health-wise is the most important gift you can give to yourself. Adopting a ZEN approach to life is great but even better is ZEN with CBD. 

The ZEN life is one of peace, tranquility, and a good balance within one’s self and his environment. To be ZEN, is to attune your mind and body towards wellness.

Although there is practically no research that has conclusively studied the combination of CBD and ZEN (meditation, Yoga and breathing exercises), anecdotal evidence exist, at least for now, that shows that meditation and yoga like CBD can help a person not only manage stress, but can also support the attainment of a healthy wellbeing.

The ZEN way of life encourages practicality in maintaining a healthy wellbeing, and because it promotes the adoption of physical therapy activities such as massage, yoga, and meditation, when combined with the therapeutic properties of CBD, both are able to offer an unparalleled therapeutic and wellness benefit to the individual.

Individually, CBD and ZEN offer similar benefits; together they are even better.


Cannabidiol CBD is a derivative of the marijuana plant. The substance holds lots of potential therapeutic benefits without the “high” associated with marijuana. 

When most people consider marijuana, they often think only of the psychotropic inducing characteristics of the plant, but that’s not the whole truth. It would interest you to know that the substance responsible for the “high” experienced by most users of marijuana is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and not the whole plant. In fact, CBD, one of the other over 200 cannabinoids that can be extracted from the plant, does not support a psychotropic response. Instead, CBD’s ability to help center the mind and create an overall body calm is incredibly helpful, particularly when it comes to eliminating possible distractions. 

In addition to creating a body calm, CBD can be effectively used to aid recovery, decrease tension, and reduce inflammation that might be caused by more rigorous physical activities, health problems and chronic conditions.

For that reason, I often enjoy my Tonic Chill Adaptadgen CBD Tincture it offers me peace of mind while I’m improving my daily wellness.

Some of the benefits of CBD include:

Pain Management: CBD is able to offer relief for varying degrees of pain conditions and or pain induced by diseases, stress or strenuous physical activities. Individuals would benefit from CBD’s pain reducing and anti-inflammatory properties in the management of conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, muscle and joint pains, pains resulting from the aftereffect of Chemotherapy and pain owing to strenuous exercise or body exertions as you would experience with ZEN activities.

Anxiety Management: CBD proffers a safer alternative to anxiety management than conventional medicine that can sometimes become addictive or posing severe adverse reactions and long-term deficiencies. CBD’s calming effects is not in doubt as several bodies of research have extolled its value and efficacy in that regard. CBD is able to help individuals dealing with anxiety and depression, and common anxiety conditions such as PTSD, ADHD, ADD, etc.

Relaxation and Concentration: CBD adds to you in more ways than one. Anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD is able to induce relaxation, and help with sleep defects (insomnia)

How does CBD Work?

CBD interacts with the Endocannabinoid System in the human body, influencing the CB1 and CB2 receptors that can mostly be found in the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system, respectively. The extent CBD affects CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body isn’t fully known. However, anecdotal evidence shows that it is able to help Individuals maintain a healthy well-being and live better.

Yoga, Meditation, CBD, and Stress Relief

CBD has only recently become a popular method for dealing with stress, whereas meditation has been practiced across the world for millennia. The series of stretches, poses, and breathing techniques provide a host of tangible benefits for people from all walks of life, including: 

  • Increasing flexibility
  • Increasing awareness and concentration
  • Promoting mind-body connection
  • Gaining stamina and strength
  • Improved posture
  • Improved balance
  • Increased body awareness 
  • Reducing stress 

Although evidence is limited, CBD and ZEN can together create a good body balance.

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