My Wyld Routine

By Amy Chin
July 3, 2021

My Wyld Routine

For most people who consume CBD, gummies are a real treat. Easy, fun, child-like, and especially potent, CBD gummies offer a sweet, discreet option for CBD consumers to meet their daily CBD dosage even when they are out or on the go.

CBD gummies hold a special place for even an experienced user like me. They serve as a vital start to my day and a relaxing closure after a stressful day. CBD gummies are by far my most favorite CBD option out there and I’m almost certain that you would love them too if you try any of these ones here.

My CBD Gummies

I am unashamedly a gummies Stan and I would tell you why.

I love the gummies for plenty of reasons. Not just because they are an easy and fun option, they also offer the best value for accurate dosing. With most other CBD products, finding ways to track dosing is an ever-present challenge but not for gummies. 

Most gummies are made in measured CBD strength for each and this information is clearly written on the packaging. Take the Raspberry Wyld CBD gummies for instance (an absolute favorite of mine), they are formulated in a way that each gummy contains 25 mg of premium CBD, no more no less. With this information, it becomes much easier to accurately calculate how many gummies you need at any given time or how many gummies can be incorporated into your CBD regime for the day. And if you are like me, this is all you need to forge a perfect CBD routine for any day.

To gain a sense of perspective, let’s explore how I plan my CBD routine:

The Wyld Routine

Before I get into the mix of how I go through my day with CBD, I would like to just briefly state that above getting a routine right, you have to get your product manufacturer right. For me, The Wyld ranges of CBD edibles have met most of my CBD needs perfectly. Their measured and professional approaches to CBD product formulation have kept me coming back for more.

In recent years, CBD Gummies have grown in popularity and there are numerous brands to check out but I choose the Wyld range of CBD edibles. Wyld makes CBD edible products for all categories of consumers, their gummies are exceptionally juicy and you would find that they are very potent and a pure delight.

That said, on to my day! 

My routine follows a pattern that has worked for me for a long time now. You can use the same or tweak it to suit your unique needs. I particularly use edibles for my mornings and at night. 

A sneak peek into how I roll…

  1. Get fired up for the morning run.
  2. Ignite my creative juices for the full day’s work
  3. Close the day for a restful sleep.

Morning Run: My mornings can be unusually slow and draggy, and because the day’s work demands more, I often need some help to get fired up if I am to achieve anything meaningful. The Wyld Raspberry CBD gummies give just about the right amount of boost that I need. As I get ready for the day, I munch on a berry gummy. That’s 25mg off my daily requirement.

Ideally, I consume about 70mg of CBD daily. Now, this is because I use CBD for wellness. 70mg just seems fine for me, although it wasn’t always this number. I suggest you find the perfect number for you by starting small and working your way up till you reach where it just does the job right.

At Noon: I turn to CBD-infused beverages for that extra spark of creativity. There are several brands I have tried through the months I have been on my routine, and I would talk about them in another article. The choice of CBD beverage is hinged on the idea that it is slow acting but long-lasting. This way, it is able to carry me through the day till work is done.

At Nighttime: To bring on restful sleep, I indulge in a bite of the Wyld CBD elderberry plus CBN, another gummy variant from Wyld. This gummy particularly contains CBD and CBN, with the juicy, fruity elderberries that are especially potent for inducing restful sleep. Like all Wyld gummies, the elderberry is made using natural fruity, juicy flavors and broad-spectrum CBD without THC.

There you have it… this is how I go through my day with CBD.

CBD Benefits for Users.

CBD has numerous benefits for users but knowing how to use it and to use it consistently is the only way to obtain the benefits it possesses. CBD is noted to relieve stress, pain, help with insomnia, alleviate anxiety, depression, cancer symptoms and side effects, and a host of other conditions. 

To use CBD properly, you need to adopt a CBD routine. You can adopt mine or use it as a guide to developing yours, but in all you do, buying from reputable manufacturers like Wyld and starting small is the surest way to getting your CBD routine right.

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