CBD Oil for Panic Attacks: Does it Work?

By adamasco
September 12, 2022

Practical measures for panic attacks, like CBD oil, can never be overrated. Since panic attacks are frequent in America, having a go-to solution helps you get ahead of the situation with the right control measure. One in every ten New Yorkers experiences panic attacks yearly. Some of these cases develop into panic disorder –a series of panic attacks. 

There’s been much discussion on CBD’s capabilities to reduce stress and mood swings. Over the years, CBD has replaced some painkillers and gained traction in therapeutic medicine to reduce inflammation and fight postpartum stress. But, how true is the claim that “CBD works for panic attacks”? Let’s find out! 

Should You Use CBD for Panic Attacks? 

Cannabidiol (CBD) has the attention of many people today because it is a potent solution for inflammatory cells, stress, and pain relief. New age therapeutic medicine endorses it because it doesn’t display adverse side effects. As one of the 100 cannabinoids, CBD has many health benefits, making it stand out from other psychoactive substances in Cannabis sativa. 

CBD is available as tinctures, topicals, edibles, and CBD oil. The major difference in any of these products is how they are used for treatment. They can be applied directly to the skin as topicals to fix wrinkles and skin breaks. As edibles, they can be eaten to smoothen your emotional state and improve your mood. As tinctures, they can be applied in drops directly under the tongue to relieve pain and alleviate foul moods. 

CBD oil has multiple purposes, meaning you can directly apply them to the skin or under the tongue, and they work as a pain reliever, stress relief, and subsides panic attacks. 

Age and stress are baseline factors in most panic attacks and anxiety cases. Understanding why you have a panic attack is the only way to find a permanent solution. But you’d need the help of a therapist if you want to go down that road. 

CBD oils quickly relieve panic attacks because they fight stress levels and boost serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin production within your body to help you promote pleasure and happiness. You may buy CBD oil for panic attacks and see the result for yourself. Vape pens also use CBD oil as part of their components, known for their stress-relief capabilities. 

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil in New York? 

Knowing how well CBD oil works for panic attacks is only half the puzzle. It takes more than that to experience it. This means you might purchase subpar CBD oil and be disappointed with the results. Before you buy CBD oil for panic attacks, you should know how to recognize the best CBD oil for panic attacks. If you live in a big city like New York, you also need to find out where to buy CBD oil in New York State.

How Can I Find The Best CBD Oil for Panic Attacks?

The problem with finding the best CBD oil for panic attacks is that standard organizations like the FDA do not regulate cannabis-derived products like CBD. As such, it has become easier for brands to mislabel their CBD product or any other fraudulent activity without penalty. 

Chances are that you’d be buying a fake or mislabeled CBD, especially if it’s not from one of the top brands we represent. Here’s why;

At Calm better days, we supplement the lack of FDA regulation by exclusively working with only brands that allow third-party testing. This standard approach allows us to test the product for composition and quality. Also, we are widely available to women and men in New York and around the world. 


How to Effectively Use CBD oil for Panic Attacks 

CBD oil is an effective substance that can be used to tackle panic attacks. It is not a replacement for conventional medicine. It complements treatment as they have innate medicinal values and can help you feel good when you need them. 

You can apply CBD oil to the skin or as droplets placed under the tongue. Either way, they get absorbed into your body and help by catalyzing some process in your body. You may check out our store for the best collection of CBD oil you can find in New York.

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