Xula whew! moon-a-pause

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Hot-Flash + Menopause Support

This tincture embraces change and transition. Designed specifically for easing the changes experienced during menopause, this formula features seven science-backed active botanicals that support the body’s natural processes of cooling and moistening to combat hot flashes and dryness. These organically-grown herbs also support libidinal health.

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Ingredients: Hibiscus, MCT Oil (Coconut Derived), Schizandra Berries, Black Cohosh Root, Hemp, Shatavari Root, Sage, Lemon (Essential Oil).
Suggested use: Adults start with 1⁄2 dropper 1 to 3 times daily. Increase as desired or advised. Place dropper in mouth, hold briefly, then swallow.

How it works/Benefits

A potent blend of herbs and cannabinoids that are clinically shown to cool hot flashes, combat dryness, and boost mood.*

  • Black cohosh root, hibiscus, and sage exert cooling effects on the body to ease hot flashes.
  • Schizandra berries and shatavari root encourage vaginal moistening and foster libidinal health.
  • CBD and lemon bolster all other herbs in boosting mood and promoting hormonal balance.

How to use

suggested use:

Adults: start with 1/2 dropper 1 to 3 times daily. Consistency is key to start seeing results. You should notice changes to libido and hot-flashes by week 2.

Increase as desired or advised. Drop oil into mouth, hold briefly, then swallow.


Cannabinoid Total: 1200mg

CBD: 1000mg

CBG: 200mg

Active Botanicals (1:6 Extract Ratio)



MCT Oil* (Coconut-derived), Hemp, Schizandra Berries*, Shatavari Root*, Black Cohosh Root*, Hibiscus*, Sage*, Lemon Essential Oil*

*Certified Organic


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