What’s So Great About CBD?

By Amy Chin
April 5, 2021
What's So Great About CBD?

Across a broad section of people, CBD is gaining in popularity and acceptance as the best supplement for a healthy wellbeing. The cannabinoid is gaining this amount of buzz by staying true to the hype of its efficacy and potency.

Researchers have opined that because it is a naturally occurring cannabinoid, it is able to repair, rejuvenate and influence the cannabinoids existing in the human body to perform optimally in their respective functions. You can use CBD as a natural therapeutic intervention for sleep disorders, pain management, anxiety and depression management, inflammation and abnormal cell growths.

The substance is very versatile and quite stable in combination with other substances. Because of this, CBD can be infused into hundreds of different substances for use and consumption. Some of the substances you can find with CBD include;

  • Tinctures and oils
  • Edibles; chocolate bars, gummies, mints and brownies
  • Topical; Bath bombs, salves, balms and cold creams, and roll-ons
  • Tablets and Capsules

Although CBD performs almost the same function in the body system, the type of product and the quantity used goes a long way to determining how well and want range of function it would perform.

Tinctures and Oils: CBD benefits users who use it as tinctures and oils in various ways. People treating insomnia would find CBD oils and tinctures the most agreeable with their condition. Drops of a CBD tincture or oil sublingually (under the tongue) at nighttime can set the tone for a peaceful, calm night sleep.

Because the substance gets introduced directly into the blood stream, it acts quickly to wash away fatigue and anxiety that are often the likely causes of sleep deficiency. 

CBD oils can also be applied to food and beverages for individuals who use CBD as a supplement for wellness. When applying to food, ensure not to cook the oil or expose it to excess heat as it might lose its flavor and efficacy.

Edibles: CBD edibles are a growing taste amongst many young people. Edibles are most suited to individuals who use CBD to maintain focus and keep active through the day. The various products under this category comes in a variety of concentration and because they are slow acting, their effects are longer lasting than others. 

Brownies and chocolate snacks can replace your regular in between meals snacks. They are a healthy option and offer more health benefits than regular cookies or brownies. 

CBD Gummies are the “9th wonder” of the world. These sweet munchies filled with some CBD goodness are ideal for beginners and can be your go-to source for your recommended daily CBD dose. CBD Focus mints are also a good option if the sweet tastes of gummies aren’t your thing.

Topicals: Topicals refers to all products that can be directly applied to the skin but not ingestible. CBD topical products like the bath bomb are a great therapy intervention after a stressful day on the grind. Bath bombs are a fusion of tropical salt, organic ingredients and CBD, blended together and molded into a large ball for use in baths. The balls are often scented and are formulated to offer a soothing relieve from body aches and pains, and to repair skin damage from the toils of the day. 

Drop a bath bomb into a warm bath, and step into a world of bliss, relaxation and calm.

After your bath, moisturize your skin with any CBD salves of your choice. These products permeate your skin to fill cracks, create a supple effect and repair broken or damaged skin. Salves are also good for treating skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema and other skin ailments.

If you suffer from joint and muscle pains due to arthritis, rheumatism, week knees, etc., you would find CBD balms and cold creams helpful in dealing with your condition. Many people have reported an almost instantaneous relief from muscle aches and joint pains when they use CBD balms or cold creams. Massage thoroughly around the affected area and allow for maximum absorption. You should be fine. 

Tablets and Capsules: Although these options aren’t as popular as the others, nonetheless, they are quite as effective. 

Because CBD has a slight taste and smell that isn’t agreeable with some persons, individuals who do not like the natural CBD smell and taste can opt for consuming CBD as tablets and capsules. Usually, these products are isolate CBD and as such are in fine crystalline powder that is tasteless, colorless and odorless.

CBD tablets and capsules can serve for all purposes except as topicals.



Although there is a lack of adequate scientific evidence for all use cases of CBD, sufficient progress have been made in pre-clinical trials for most of the conditions that CBD has been touted to help manage. However, if you are considering using CBD, speak with your doctor or medical practitioner first before starting out.

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