How to Calm your Nerves Down with a CBD Rub

By adamasco
July 22, 2021
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Lisa (not a real person) suffers from Arthritis. The pain and swellings can be unbearable sometimes but, she would tell you that it feels better when her joints are rubbed lightly or firm. Same with Drake, who after a hard day’s work is only able to get a night of good sleep when he gets a  head rub. 

Undoubtedly, the stress of daily life can take its toll on your physical body and performance, resulting in a breakdown or sometimes illness. Doctors have prescribed several medicated solutions to getting you back in top shape, but a good rub down may just be all you need.

There are many discomforting conditions that a good rub down can cure. People dealing with pain, muscle fatigue, and even insomnia can benefit from the soothing touch and deep squeeze of massage therapy. However, it gets better when you use a CBD rub while at it.

A CBD massage therapy offers lots of astounding benefits. It induces relaxation and has a therapeutic side to it too.


CBD Massage Therapy

When most people think of massage therapy, they think of spa days and deep tissue Swedish massages. While these are not such a bad idea, that’s not the only way to get some massages… 

Massage therapy is about getting your body to a state of calm by applying pressure to the skin, and since your hands can reach most parts of your body, you can help relieve yourself from the pain and discomfort in the absence of the perks of a massage day off. And there is the CBD rub too. 

When you use a CBD rub like the Kiskanu CBD Skin Rub from Calm better days, you not only benefit from its soothing relief, you also avail your body of the therapeutic benefits of CBD. The Kiskanu CBD rub may just be all you need on those days when your body aches and you desire a good, soothing rubdown. The Kiskanu CBD Skin Rub from Calm better days is the perfect recipe to help your body relax, rejuvenate and recharge.

Before we dive into how to use the Kiskanu CBD Skin Rub to achieve relief, let’s see some of the benefits of CBD massage therapy.


Benefits of a CBD Massage Therapy

    1. Aches and Pains: CBD muscle therapy can benefit people suffering from painful muscles and joints. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can help reduce inflammation and soothe areas where pain symptoms occur, leaving you feeling relaxed and pain-free.
    2. Clear Skin: Besides the obvious pain-relieving properties of CBD, it is also beneficial for skin health. Regular use of CBD skin rub massaged into the skin would help eliminates free radicals and also cleanse the skin of common skin problems including psoriasis, and acute eczema. CBD skin rubs can help remove blemishes on the skin and when mixed with human stem cells, can help promote youthful looks.
    3. Skin Tissue Repair: Hemp oil contains all 21 known amino acids – the building blocks of healthy skin. When you use hemp-based CBD skin rub, you are feeding your skin the right nutrients to fight oxidative stress and repair all damage both on the top layer and underneath. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, antibacterial and antifungal properties help in protecting the skin against damage and repair same where they have occurred.


Why Kiskanu CBD Skin Rub and How to Use It to Calm Your Nerves

The Kiskanu CBD Skin Rub is an all-purpose salve that offers premium relaxation and a sense of calm as well as pain relief and moisturizing touch. The CBD rub offers the best rejuvenating properties and cannabinoids there is for CBD skin rubs on the market.

The Kiskanu CBD Skin rub is made using premium hemp-grade CBD oil, herbs, and vital minerals. The skin rub contains St. John’s Wort which helps with the repair of nerve damage owing to overexertion of muscular tissues. Lavender for clear skin and for its antifungal, and anti-bacterial properties and Comfrey for tissue repair with Beeswax to protect the skin for a longer-lasting effect.

Who Can Use It: Individuals who suffer from back pain, chronic pain, and/or arthritis, would find the Kiskanu CBD Skin rub a perfect remedy for the pain and any soreness they may be feeling. The rub offers premium relaxation and is fast-acting. 

How to Use It: To use, apply a small amount on the affected area and rub it, in circular motions until completely absorbed. The rub can be applied to all parts of the body except the eyes, mouth, and open wounds. Apply to the forehead, back of the neck, and temples if you are experiencing recurring migraines.

Although CBD consumers may find CBD rubs relaxing and soothing, the exact experience depends on many factors. Some of the factors to consider are the type of CBD used in the rub, the dosage, and the other extra ingredients such as essential oils and the likes that might have been added to the blend.

Choosing the right blend plays a huge role in your ultimate satisfaction. Choosing Kiskanu CBD Skin rub checks all the boxes on the right CBD rub for a calmer nerve.

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